Tournament of the Mythic Kingdoms: Mountain & Dungeon Decks

Created by Jim

Two new fantasy-themed playing card decks set in the Mythic Kingdoms world, illustrated by Greg Swearingen. Missed the Kickstarter? Late pledges (called "Pre-Orders" here on Backerkit) are available for a limited time through this store. Orders will be shipped along with the Kickstarter rewards.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Project Status & Happy Holiday Wishes
about 1 month ago – Fri, Dec 16, 2022 at 03:21:40 AM

Happy Holidays, Backers!

A lot has happened since our last update, and we're excited to share how things are going.

Deck of Many Other Things

Greg finished the illustrations for the location cards and the Fate card, so we're excited to show them to you. This location art will also be included in the art book. We've ordered a final set of prototypes, and everything is on schedule for these bonus cards. 

Location Cards: For randomly choosing a deck or trump suit.
The Fate Card: Marks the current dealer (like a First Player marker).
Rule Summary Cards: Additional rules continue on the back of these cards

Dungeon Crawler Playmats

We've received the shipment of playmats from Specter and the quality is superb. We think you're going to love playing Mythic Dungeon Crawler on these awesome playmats.

The printing precision and detail is top notch!

USPCC and the Mountain & Dungeon Decks

We've completed the digital and hard proof process with USPCC and have approved everything to move forward with printing.

Hard proofs of the card fronts & backs as well as the tuck boxes

After the holidays, USPCC will print the cards, tuck boxes and numbered seals. Then they'll package them up and ship them to us as well as GW (Gamblers Warehouse). GW will be printing, packaging, and sealing the premium tuck boxes. It is difficult to say when these will be delivered, but we are doing our best to make sure there are no delays on our end.

Art Book

We sent the final art files to our book publisher,  AP&B, in early December. The proofs have been approved and the books are expected to be printed and shipped to us by mid-February.

We wish you all the best during the holiday season, and look forward to sharing more updates as we receive the final products.

Happy Holidays & Happy Gaming!

Project Status Update
3 months ago – Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 02:49:00 AM

Hi Backers

While the cards have been in the queue at USPCC, we've been hard at work on the new art book, the bonus cards, and the dungeon crawler playmat. 

Backer Surveys

Almost everyone has completed their Backerkit surveys (for providing address and verifying add-ons), so thank you!

For the remaining 5% who haven't completed the survey, please check for the survey email and send us a Kickstarter message if you need us to send you your link to the survey.

Art Book Volume 2 Progress

It's always amazing to go back through a project and see how much work and exploration it takes to arrive at the final product. We're about 90% finished with the book, and are scheduled to send the printer the final art files by the end of this month. Here is a sneak peak at what's inside!

A look at the process of creating the new characters for the card backs
A full page print of the final art along with character lore and concept art

In addition to showing the process of creating all the amazing art, the final pages of the book will contain the rules for the three games we created during the campaign: Mythic Quests, Mythic Jester and Mythic Dungeon Crawler. 

The Mythic Kingdom's version of the popular "President" or "Scum" game.

To add the Art Book Volume 2 to your order, simply go back into your BackerKit survey and add it. If you run into any questions or issues please send us a direct KS message so we can help you out.

Deck of Many Other Things Bonus Cards

We're nearly finished with the cards that will make up the Deck of Many Other Things. While we are finishing up the art, we wanted to go ahead and get samples printed from DriveThruCards so we could make sure we liked the quality as well as test out the cutting and folding of the card stand and character standees. We're very happy with the results and wanted to share some photos of them with you. 

Work-in-progress printed samples from DriveThruCards
Work-in-progress printed sample of card display stand
Work-in-progress printed sample of character standee

Final Version of the Playmat

We've been prototyping multiple versions of the playmat for Mythic Dungeon Crawler, from two different manufacturers/printers, and we've settled on the one we like the best. The printing is sharp and the mat is a sturdy 3.5mm thick with a non-stick rubber backing.

Final playmat design

We liked the non-stitched edge the best and went with a larger 16x10 inch size so that the play area doesn't feel cramped. There is still some time to return to your BackerKit survey to order the $14 playmat add-on before we lock in the orders.

Happy Gaming!

"Survey Week" Almost Over + Progress on the Deck of Many Other Things
4 months ago – Sun, Oct 09, 2022 at 06:55:59 PM

Hi Backers! Thanks to everyone who has completed their backerkit surveys (over 80%!). For those who haven't completed the survey yet, you still have today and tomorrow to use the "SURVEYWEEK" coupon.

Deck of Many Other Things logo

We've made some good progress on these bonus cards, and we'll be ordering our first set of prototypes very soon. The art is still not 100% final, but we thought you might like to see the progress.

Mythic Jester Game Cards

"Mythic Jester," the Mythic Kingdoms version of "President," will take advantage of these two handy cards. You can place the Champion and Jester cards on the table to show where they will sit. Another fun Mythic Kingdoms twist to the game is the Jester does not have to give the Treasure (wild card) to the Champion, so they'll have a fun advantage when that happens.

Jester and Champion cards for the Deck of Many Other things

1st Player Card

You'll never forget who is the first player with this handy reminder card at your table! If your game doesn't already have a method for choosing the first player, you can spin the card and use the arrow at the bottom to choose the first player.

First player marker card

Card Stands

Based on the card stand survey we ran during the campaign, these were your two favorite stands. Like origami, the lines will show where to fold and where to cut with scissors.

Card stands for the Deck of Many Other Things
Card backs for the two display-stand cards.

The third favorite was the horizontal version of the design on the right, so we've added lighter gray lines in case you want to fold it that way instead.

We also found that having the fold line not exactly in the center makes the angle of the display far more easy to adjust.

Character Standees

We decided to make all the KQJ characters available as standees via two cards that will have 3 characters on each side.

Character standees for the Deck of Many Other Things

You might be wondering what in the world you would use these standees for. Well, we have a couple ideas we're working on for printable "boards" that can augment the Mythic Quests and Mythic Dungeon Crawler games. These standees would be a step up from printing tokens on regular paper.  Also, unlike miniatures, these can be unfolded and lay flat for storage. The tiny optional cut mark on the tops of the fronts allow the tops to join without needing tape.

Fate and Location Cards

Greg is currently working on the illustrations for the Fate and Location cards. We'll share more about that in a future update.

Happy Gaming!

Backerkit + Surveys Coming Soon
4 months ago – Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 06:11:52 AM

Hi Everybody,

We've been working this past couple weeks to get the pledge manager set up and you can expect to start receiving your pledge surveys tomorrow or early next week.

Backerkit calls the first batch of surveys the "smoke test" which sends the surveys to 5% of the backers in each pledge level. These lucky people get to help us work the kinks out of the system. Thank you in advance!  :-)

If you have any questions, send me a message via Kickstarter. We'll respond usually within a day if not sooner.


There will be a $2 "SURVEYWEEK" coupon available for completing your pledge survey within the next week. If you haven't received your pledge survey email by next Wednesday, first check your spam folder, and then contact us. We'll also be posting comments about the survey status, so check there as well.

TMK2 Brick Boxes

If you order 12 or more decks, you'll see that the free TMK2 Brick Box is not automatically added to your order yet. That is because there isn't an automated way to do that in Backerkit. After the surveys are completed, we will be reviewing all orders to make sure that you get all the Brick Boxes that should be coming to you.

HINT: Some of you have already chosen the Brick Box as an add-on, which costs $10. However, if you are right on the edge of breaking into that 12+ decks level, you may want to consider the fact that if the special four-color sets are still available, they are only $14. So, if you already have 10 decks, getting one extra set for $14 means getting the Brick Box for free. If you are kicking yourself for this oversight, don't worry ... we can help you optimize your order by applying credits in Backerkit as needed for those that already purchased the brick box. Credit cards are not charged immediately when you complete your survey, so go ahead and complete the survey and then message us so we can help optimize your order.

 Add-On Update: Playmat for Mythic Dungeon Crawler

Due to a volume pricing discount, we've been able to lower the price for the playmat from $18 to $14! Credits have been applied for those who already ordered a playmat. (Credits can be applied to new add-ons)

After playtesting our initial design, we decided to make a prototype for one that is slightly larger. Here's the latest design:

Design for Numbered Tuck Box Seals

We've finished the design for the numbered seals. Here's a quick look:

The final total quantity isn't known yet, so the "1,000" is just a place holder. Here's an example of the Magic decks with the different stamp seals:

$10 Credit for TMK1 Art Book 

In Update #7 we mentioned a $10 coupon for those who ordered the TMK1 Art Book during the Kickstarter campaign. We've changed that to a $10 credit because you can only use one coupon, and we also have the $2 coupon mentioned above. The credit can be applied to the cost (and shipping) of new add-ons via Backerkit.

Keep in mind that if Backerkit says you have a "Credit Remaining" like in the image above, it means that you haven't used the credit yet, so look for an add-on to spend it on (such as the $5 signed card or $2 deck sleeve, or better yet another set of cards!). If it says you have a "Balance" due, that means Backerkit will charge you later (after we lock orders in the pledge manager).

If this $10 credit deal inspires you to get a copy of the TMK1 Art Book, after you choose that add-on contact us and we'll add the credit to your order (it's a manual process to give a credit).


As a parting thought, if you had issues with your credit card via Kickstarter (resulting in Kickstarter canceling your pledge), we can help you recreate your same pledge via the Backerkit pre-order store.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you! What's Next?
5 months ago – Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 05:15:00 AM

Thank you all for making this second Kickstarter a success! We are so thankful for how crowdfunding makes projects like this possible for the art and game world. It's fun and a privilege to be a part of it.

Celebration in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

After we get done celebrating like the Return of the King, we'll get the final card art submitted to Bicycle.

What's Next?

If you're familiar with how Kickstarter works, what comes next is fairly typical, but we'll provide a quick outline.

1. Very soon, Kickstarter will process your pledge and you'll have time to work out issues with credit cards and such.

2. We'll send the final card art to Bicycle to get into the print queue. Like last time, we expect the queue is quite long, which is the reason for the estimated delivery in February 2023.

3. In a couple of weeks, you'll get an email from the BackerKit pledge manager to complete your survey. The survey will collect mailing addresses and other applicable questions for certain rewards and add-ons (such as the "Deck of Your Choice" or "Signed Card of Your Choice"). That will also give you access to select new add-ons again.


During the wait for the cards, we'll be finalizing the art book and printing it, and keeping you up to speed on the progress. We'll also be finalizing the bonus cards for the Deck of Many Other Things, and get those printed as well. If everything goes according to expected time frames (plus a month of likely delay), then fulfillment can start in February 2023.


After the cards are done and quality verified we'll get everything all signed and packaged, send out a notice to verify your mailing address, then start shipping those awesome rewards!

Thanks again!

Jim, Greg, and Jon